What we stand for

Inclusiveness is paramount.

Miesiyu means "I see the real you" in Surinamese. Surinamese people believe that every person has two selves. The one which the eye can see. And the nonmaterial, spiritual one; the one that really matters. This insight has nothing to do though with the Western perspective on individuality. It’s connected to the native African worldview, that we only are who we are, because of and in relationship to others. From this flows naturally that everyone is connected to each other. Nobody is an island. Independence does not exist. Miesiyu Sports makes this universal reality concrete.

Again, we believe in the power of diversity. Not only with respect to the things you eat, drink, read and the people you connect with. Yet also regarding movement. Your body, mind and spirit needs to be challenged to move in varied, more complex ways in order to stay resilient, flexible and strong. That's why we offer a diverse range of training options with specific training features to get fit, get lean and to reduce stress without ever getting bored.



What we do

We challenge your body and mind to move in more complex ways.

Jerrel Oosterlen knows better than anyone how fighting is a true expression of your inner strengths and obstacles. As nothing is more reveiling than movement. It exposes which patterns we feel, think and act on. There’s nothing that makes him more happy than to see that his clients feel stronger, feel more connected and can develop themselves better in various areas thanks to his work... MORE

Our founder Sensei Jerrel Oosterlen.

Not just a boxing school.

We're a close-knit family of yoga loving fighters, promoting fun, fitness, community and development; a place where lives are transformed. Where fear and intimidation give way to inspiration and achievement. Where 'I can't ' becomes 'I did!'.  Miesiyu Sports allows people from all walks of life to discover their personal strengths and to overcome their weaknesses in an exciting yet super safe climate.

Miesiyu Sports is a sister company of Miesiyu New Economy agency. Miesiyu agency presents a new style of doing business in a world with finite resources and social boundaries. At one point Miesiyu agency realised that in order to reinforce its impact it had to create a more physical, more tangible shape for its convictions. With this in mind Miesiyu Sports was created.



Miesiyu New Economy agency.

Jerrel Oosterlen, founder of Miesiyu Sports, holder of black belt Kyokushinkai karate and former professional kickboxer, prefers to work with hybrid trainers. Trainers that naturally fuse all kind of training techniques and movement perspectives into inspiring, challenging workouts. Such as well known formal (kick)boxing champions and successful trainers like Lucien Carbin and Romeo Kensmill and new fighting star Donovan Panayiotis. All known for their offbeat approaches.

Our team of hybrid trainers.

Miesiyu Sports believes in the power of diversity. As meaningful physical interaction between people from all walks of life is a disarming remedy against racism, sexism, extremism, stereotyping and other socially degrading thoughts and behaviour. It's by dealing with others that we learn essential things about ourselves. That's why we encourage close engagement between people who aren't fully aligned with each others ideas and behaviours, that have other opinions and beliefs or have different future perspectives.

How we work

Mixing every kind of people into a recipe for social resilience.

Miesiyu Sports

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