Miesiyu Sports offers classic boxing, kickboxing and several kinds of boxing spin-offs for professional fighters, recreational fighters, funsters, hipsters and everyone in between. Because as we see it, you don't need to be a professional fighter to train like one.


Training like a boxer is all about intensity; you go hard. You learn to perform under pressure. Fighting gets your mind prepared for a diversity of challenges, resembling the challenges we all encounter in our personal and professional lives as well. Regarding boxing and kickboxing we offer a variety of possible training combinations. You can select out of the following training.

Old school classic boxing.

For professionals and amateurs.

Old school classic boxing for professional and recreational fighters. Anyone with a passionate soul is welcome to join. Training will be focused on strength, technique and balance... MORE

Bag Training. Punching bag workout.

Throwing a few quick jabs at a punching bag may not seem too hard, but you have to engage your entire body, to effectively control your movements as you hit the bag... MORE

Bootcamp Boxing. Outside parc training.

Nature is a perfect buff-body training ground. The varied terrain might be just what your body need to challenge itself to move in varied, more complex ways... MORE

Multi-style kickboxing.

For professionals and amateurs.

Muay Thai, and western-style boxing skills and combinations. It includes: cardio calisthenics, bag work, punch, kick, and elbow strikes, partner drills next to core strengtening exercises... MORE

Crossfit HITT Boxing.

Half boxing half crossfit.

A perfect combination of training features to get fit, get lean, reduce stress and have a blast doing it. A functional movement-based high-intensity workout for every body and every age... MORE

Highly personalised training. Personal training pur sang.

Our regular group training sessions for boxing and kickboxing are open to any body, mind and spirit. We normally advice a mixture of both small group training and personal training. Especially if you would like to speed up your development or if you like to reach specific personal and/or professional goals nothing beats our personalised training... MORE

Our couples boxing class teaches togetherness and self defence. Some of our clients are dating, some are married, but all agree the class is quality time unlike anything else they've done... MORE

Boxing for Couples. Fighting for love.

A fighter is an athlete. Balance, strength and flexibility are core necessities for boxers and kickboxers. So this combination-workout consists of boxing, yoga and core/flexibility techniques... MORE

Yoga Boxing.

Half boxing half yoga.

Strengthen authentic leadership skills of professionals and  teams in an exciting, safe environment. This clinic takes you beyond basic coaching and is tailored to meet  the specific needs of your organisation. Our Boxing Clinic is a great experience on its own, learning professionals and leaders how to apply what they have learned in work related encounters... MORE

Business Boxing clinics. for effective organisations.


Miesiyu Sports believes in the power of diversity. Not only with respect to the things you eat, drink, read and the people you connect with, but also regarding your bodily movements. Your body, mind and spirit need to be challenged to move in varied, more complex ways in order to become resilient, flexible and strong. That's why we offer a diverse range of training options with specific training features to get fit, get lean, resilient and reduce stress without ever getting bored.


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