Punching Heavy Bag workout

Punching bag workout to add to your routine. Throwing a few quick jabs at a punching bag may not seem too hard, but if you've never used a heavy bag during a boxing workout, you're in for a challenge. You have to engage your entire body, including your core, shoulders and hips, to effectively control your movements as you hit the bag. Of course, any exercise that requires this type of total-body engagement can help you torch calories and strengthen your major muscle groups. Even more than that, though, boxing against a heavy bag (or an actual person) is one of the only cardiovascular exercises that provides upper body, bone-building repetitive impact!

Group training

Contribution onetime tryout   -   €10

Contribution per training  -   €10

Contribution per month  -   €40  per mnth

Prices of our Bag Training classes

We  advice a mixture of both group training and personal training. Especially if you would like to speed up your development or if you like to reach specific personal and/or professional goals nothing beats our personalised training. MORE...

Contribution per training  -  €50

Stripcard 10x training   -  €450

Yearly contribution (8 training per mnth)  -  €2.880 (€30 per training)

Highly personalised training

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Miesiyu Sports believes in the power of diversity. Not only with respect to the things you eat, drink, read and the people you connect with, but also regarding your bodily movements. Your body, mind and spirit need to be challenged to move in varied, more complex ways in order to become resilient, flexible and strong. That's why we offer a diverse range of training options with specific training features to get fit, to get lean, resilient and reduce stress without ever getting bored.


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