Discipline and social resilience

The way we behave ourselves effect the quality of our relations. It is therefore essential that young people develop the ability to make loyal long-term commitments with others. We teach children to single-handedly transform their limiting mental models into constructive thinking and behaviour. Rock and Water training holds an active physical resilience training mixed with the development of positive social skills. It suits boys and girls of primary, continued and special education.

Bare feet, hand wraps and boxing gloves are required.

What to bring

Other youth training

Next to Rock & Water training we offer:

Highly personalised training

For some kids it feels better to get optimal personal guidance regarding their challenges. For more information and/or taylor made solutions you can contact us to schedule an appointment.


Group training

Contribution onetime tryout   -   €10

Contribution per training -   €10

Educational set-up -  prices on request

Feel free to ask for more info and/or to sign up for our Rock & Water training and/or other classes

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