Self Defence for queens and diva's

Self Defence specifically for queens, queers, shemales, divas and anyone else with a strong identity in our modern world. Refuse to be a victim ever! Protect yourself and get street smart. In this course you'll learn to react effectively in threatening situations and learn various techniques of different combat sports. Learning how to use your body type to your advantage and also to use the attacker’s size and weightWe work on broadcasting the right attitude and expanding your self-confidence. No more Miss Nice Girl!

Group training

Contribution onetime tryout   -   €10

Contribution per LGBT Self Defence class  -   €10

Highly personalised training

We  advice a mixture of both group training and personal training. Especially if you would like to speed up your development or if you like to reach specific personal and/or professional goals nothing beats our personalised training. MORE...

Contribution per training  -  €50

Stripcard 10x training   -  €450

Yearly contribution (8 training per mnth)  -  €2.880  (€30 per training)

Prices of LGBT Self Defence classes

Feel free to ask for more info and/or to sign up for our LGBT Self Defence and other classes.

Check our training schedule... HERE

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