Short 3 month course to become

perseverant and self-disciplined

A short 3 month course of 40-minute high intensitiy interval training 3 times a week. Our trainers convince you to go hard, push yourself by means of short sharp demanding exercises. Combining weight lifting, running to a full body workout that enlarges aerobic capacity, strength, muscular endurance, boosts metabolism and nutrition. It’s a willingness to conquer challenges, instead of avoid them. It involves maintaining goal focused effort for extended periods of time. Mental grit is all about you knowing "I’ve got this."

Group training (min 4 max 8 person)

Price per clinic per person €150

Prices of Group Clinic

Pushing your body too hard for too long can have detrimental effects, as can extended periods of inactivity. That's why we advice three clinics a year. Each clinic is followed by one off-month. This kind of training involves increasing and decreasing activity in a cyclical fashion; peaks and valleys. You build up gradually, increasing the amount of training and exercise over time, then you decrease and recover for a set period of time, continuing this progression of ups and downs.

Three bursts a year

Professional athletes all have "an off-season". Weekend warriors, recreational and competitive athletes alike might benefit from an off-season too. There are many reasons why you may choose to have a more structured training; one that involves the cycling of volume, intensity and rest to achieve peak performance. Many coaches and known athletes believe cyclic training can reduce chances of injury.

Hello periodisation

Feel free to ask for more information and/or to sign up for our Group Clinic.

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